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folderDQMST'12 - Data Quality Principles in the Semantic Web2016-09-22 23:02
folderESWC'13 - SNARC A Semantic Social News Aggregator2016-09-22 23:02
folderESWC'13 - SNARC An Approach for Aggregating and Recommending Contextualized Social Content2016-09-22 23:02
folderIJSWIS - Towards An Objective Assessment Framework for Linked Data Quality - Enriching Dataset Profiles with Quality Indicators2016-09-22 23:02
folderLDQ'15 - What's up LOD Cloud - Observing The State of Linked Open Data Cloud Metadata2016-09-22 23:02
folderPROFILES'15 - An Extensible Framework to Validate and Build Dataset Profiles2016-09-22 23:02
folderPROFILES'15 - HDL - Towards A Harmonized Dataset Model for Open Data Portals2016-09-22 23:02
folderWOD'12 - Improving Schema Matching with Linked Data2016-09-22 23:02
folderWOD'12 - RUBIX A Framework for Improving Data Integration with Linked Data2016-09-22 23:02
folderWWW'15 - Automatic Validation, Correction and Generation of Dataset Metadata - Enhancing Dataset Search and Spam Detection2016-09-22 23:02